Social Media is a constantly moving, massive marketing powerhouse in this new Millennium. As a well-accepted, increasingly popular mechanism, it has proven itself time and again over almost thirty years. Streaming video information is the norm.  In fact, videos have far surpassed the written word.

As a result, in 2017 Nova decided to ask, ‘Does fast motion video, supersaturating sound and who knows who or what we’ll see on the next small screen, really answer our societal needs?’ ‘Does Social Media content with questionable value derived and the learning experiences missed, provide a commitment to increasing brain power and our children’s intellect, or does it allow our social well-being to shrink?’

Nova Publishing conceived a way to turn the video craze back into useful information in the form of a true book where you turn the pages and study the content! . . . We honestly trust that the beauty and excitement of color, motion, magnification or drilling down, coupled with text, motion, images and storytelling can impress the brain far more than hours of chaotic blurring motion and deafening sound.

 Our Nova invention, filed with the U.S. Patent Office, resolves a number of ‘user issues’ in the world of Education. The new






NovaTronics Video ev-Book is ‘designed on purpose’ to operate as a ‘user friendly device all ages’. As a special purposed Video Book, its unique content for educational, recreational or even product sequential assembly plans is captured in the memory of each page in a digital operating system. Each ev-Book’s specific author can select special, intended data for the reader.  Good news – the nature of the appropriate content is unlimited  –  Open the cover and the full moon lights up brightly and shines out on you.

We found with e-readers and e-book devices in a school setting the obvious short-fall is the ‘inability to readily limit what the reader can see and do’, such as straying off limits into internet sites outside what was meant for the reader, thereby requiring added software locks or overrides. For our team at Nova Publishing, we choose evolving with our product development and to challenge all possible pitfalls.

The NovaTronics ev-Book setup, whether large or small size pages, five or 50 screens, advances beyond printed and e-reader books by allowing uplifting content that fits the need and is loaded by your managing entities. This insures subject matter is picked, presented and delivered as requested and purchased, fitting every page for easily managed content.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          




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